SIKCO as a company is committed to pay its dues to the society and therefore we encourage work mechanism strategies that enable us to dispense our corporate social responsibility. In order to do so; we work with a self regulatory mechanism in which we monitor all our business transactions to see if they adhere to the ethical and lawful standard too. As a norm our company spends a portion on the betterment of underprivileged children while ensuring that we do not employ any child labour.

Environmental Responsibilities:

SIKCO works towards enhancing and protecting the environment and its natural resources as well. Our processes are so geared that they are harmless to the nature. For example we ensure for harmless fume and dust emissions etc. In fact we feel that it is our due responsibility to be useful to the society while making it integral for all our workers to work towards that goal. We aim for safe dispersal of waste management practises in housekeeping, while ensuring that there is no wastage while using the natural resources and as far as possible there is recycling and reuse ensured.

SIKCO's Corporate Social responsibilities can be highlighted in the following manner:

To eliminate the waste products from our system and to minimize and eliminate non conformances
To work with the latest technologies so that there is higher quality reliability and cost effectiveness
followed in all our procedures
To work toward increasing the efficiencies and improvising on machines, labours and processes
To educate and gear the employees in the right direction
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