SIKCO's name is commensurate with quality and deliveries par excellence. Owing to our unrivalled deliverables; we are treated as the top notch company par excellence. Our products and services are highly appreciated by customers and this inspires us to perform even better. Owing to our quality and high class deliveries we have a major chunk of our production geared for exports in Europe, Africa and Asia. Our expertise coupled with our experience and strong technical edge supported with innovative technologies used in production; helps us to stay far ahead of our competition. Therefore a fine balance of technical expertise coupled with dedicated delivery mechanism ensures for the results that are highly appreciated and considered bankable by our clients. All our processes are in place and the intensive cooperation of our entire team, both technical and non technical ensures for the best results all together. Our manufacturing processes use the optimum technology for manufacturing of goods so that the end results shown are worth trying and keeping them. Since we are supplying a vast variety of cylinder heads to a varied group of customers therefore there is a need for detailed and comprehensive knowledge of market that is inherent in management of SIKCO

We attribute our success to the following factors:

Use of high quality QC methodologies to cater to the SIKCO's standards of productions
Controlled and reliable scanning processes
Dependable CNC machines
Testing done at each and every stage of production to ensure high efficiency in deliveries
Low pressure Aluminium castings are produced with highly futuristic visions

The operations of SIKCO are driven by the fact that they are geared towards providing services that are highly customer centric and customizable according to their requirements. Keeping that end in mind we believe in giving honest, technology friendly and professional deliverables to give our customers great brand values that lie in the high quality services of our companies.

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