The team of SIKCO depicts a good assimilation of values of Precision, with dedication, talent, hard work and knack of delivering on time. Our team comprises of engineers, management professionals, and technicians for whom work is primordial. The management's unhindered drive for excellence based deliveries and a vision to carve a niche in the automotive industry has driven us to pave way for successful endeavours for the team. Their passion for work with a great technical insight has enabled us to keep up to the expectation of the market. The management of SIKCO drives its team to act smart and also to perform in a better manner. Driven by a passion for perfection we imbibe values of quality deliveries made on time. Our team is quality conscious and bankable and is also called the 'Stackhouse of talent!' Not only are they reliable with their deliveries rather their passion to deliver as a team helps us to get the best market response. The team works in supporting roles with each other where each one's action is taken to accentuate the efforts of other by complementing it fully. The end result.....high quality products of SIKCO for which it is known worldwide!
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